quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2009


Versão de David Pogue para "Imagine", do John Lennon.
Esse vídeo tem tudo que eu gosto; Bom humor, uma letra irônica, e um humorista/jornalista metido a besta que deve ser odiado por muita gente. Fantástico!

"Imagine there’s no Apple,
No products that begin with “i,”
No monthly iPod models,
No Apple stores to get you high.
Imagine all the people
Finding other things to do!

Imagine there’s no bloggers…
It isn’t hard to do!
No viruses or spyware,
No Windows Vista too

Imagine all the people
Learning to get a life…

You may say it’d be a nightmare
Without Google, Mac or Dell
We might have real conversations–
But the world would be dull as hell!

Imagine no new cellphones;
Kiss console games goodbye.
No David Pogue or Mossberg
To tell you what to buy
Imagine all those people
Getting some exercise!

You may say I’m a loony
But rest assured I’m almost done.
I’m pretty sure it’ll never happen
So we nerds can live as one!"